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August 13th, 2008, 02:51 PM
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Here is a short version of both kiddies births.

Well I was 18 when I gave birth to Ethan. I did some research and baisicaly came to the conclusion that millions of wommen have given birth without pain meds in the past so that is what I decided to do. I had no birth plan at all I just went into the hospital expecting it all to fall into place.

So about 2 days before my due date (a thursday I think) I went in thinking I was in labor, after a couple of hours they sent me home telling me I had braxton hicks. Between then and giving birth I went into and was sent home from the hospital two more times. So on the saturday night I had been sent home and I started having back pain during the night. It was bad enought to stop me from sleeping. The next morning I just couldn't get comfotable, I could sit for 5 mins then have to lay down, then have to stand up and so on. I decided to go for a walk to the dam with my father and DF's father (we lived on 10 acres at the time) and walking helped a bith with the back pain. Later on Mom decided we should all go out for dinner. I was still having back pain and by the time my food arived I couldn't even sit down to eat. Mom baisicaly took us all straight home and demanded that I go back into the hospital, so I did. When I got there they checked me out and I was 7 cm dilated, I had no idea you could have back labor. So I got into the hospital at around 9pm DF and I sat around in the labor sweet talking and watching TV untill at around 11pm I went to the loo and started having an urge to push. I buzzed for the midwife and from then on they where with me. I had a very active labor, DF sat on a been bag and I would go from leaning on his legs to standing to sitting on a birthing stool and back and forth. at around 12am my water broke, and then I was pushing from about then till Ethan was born at 5.17 am Monday morning 27th October 2003. He was a whopping 10lbs 7oz, had a head circ of 14 1/2 inches and was 22 inches long.

On my due date (a wednesday) I went into the hospital with contractions. they checked me out and said I was 2cm dilated and they sould keep me overnight becasue it was my second. But shortly after I was put into a birthing suit my contractions stoped so they sent me home in the morning. Two days later same story but this time they kept me in so I was in the hospital all day Saturday and I decided I would just walk around the ward to try get things started, but still on sat night nothing. Suday they moved me to another room, they told me they where realy buisy so they would leave me one more night. Moday they told me they would check me and if I wasnt 4 cm dilated then they sould send me home. I was 4 cm so I was off to the labor suite again. when I got there they asked if I wanted my water broken straight away or if I wanted to wait, I asked to wait and see how things go. after and hour they came back and said they should break my water so they did that. Madison had done a merconium (sp?) poo so they had to hook up monitors on her head and on my stomach. I hated lying still, I kept asking if I could get up and use the loo, but the midwife I had wouldn't let me, she told me to just pee on the bed. They checked me again and Iwas only 7 cm dilated. Finaly I convinced them to let me get up and use the toilet and as soon as I went I started getting the urge to push, I wouldn't get back up on the bed and luckly they still had the been bag set up next to my bed and I got Df to sit on it so I could lean on his legs and give birth in a squating sort of possition. I was pusshing away for about 15 mins when they told me that Maddys heart rate had droped and I have to just keep pusshing and get her out, about 5 pushes and she was out. She was checked over by a doctor and given to me all wraped up in a towel. Madison was born at (I think LOL) 5.56 pm Monday the 5th september 2005. She weighed 9lbs 3oz had a head circ of 14 1/2 inches and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Ethan 13
Madison 11
Harrison 9
Christian 8

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