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August 14th, 2008, 11:05 AM
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Awww, thanks you are so sweet. I have done craft shows in the past and really enjoyed it but there is not alot of money to be made in it (most people browsing craft shows only want to spend a small amount of money and look for deals) so I have found that mural painting is the way to go. But I only do this on the side as the opportunities arise and I "work" in the local school district w/special needs children. Is this too much information? LOL Becky, what do you like to read? I am ALWAYS reading a novel!!! Just finished the sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl called The Boleyn was soooo good!

Becky I would love to see pics of your scrapbooking! I am actually at the hospital right now, my youngest got admitted for a high fever the other day so I am not at home...but I will posts my pics when we get home (please pray that it will be soon!)
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