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August 14th, 2008, 04:03 PM
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I'm so happy that little Hayden is doing great and loving Ben and Jerry's. I love the cookie dough one.

Sorry about your tech, I had one like that for my first anatomy scan. The baby wasn't cooperating and you could see she was done. I had asked about the sex and she didn't even attempt it. I was told the baby was measuring on the small side like the 5 to 10 percentile. Had to go back the following week to check everything else that couldn't be seen first time. She only measured abdominal circum. and now was in the 95 percentile so it's all subjective to me. I'm going to ask for another scan later because that is a huge jump and has me worried that I'm going to have a huge baby. My first was 9lbs 14 ozs and I tore so bad, don't want that again.

If there was a problem, I'm sure they would let you know quickly but doesn't sound like Hayden has anything.

I have to say, one good thing about having a baby here is you carry your notes with you everywhere so every visit I go on or scan, there is a report that goes in my notebook and folder. Only thing is, I have to take it everywhere, but it makes it so easy to refer back to the visit or see your next apt.

If you have concerns, I would call your doc to put your mind at ease.

edited to add: Clicked on your chaos ticker, loved how it counts down and found one for Gabriella, thanks.
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