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August 16th, 2008, 12:48 AM
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Initially I told myself when I got pregnant again I would NOT join a ddc, I didn't think I would be able to listen to women complaining about morning sickness, getting fat and what not, when all I can think about is my baby dying.

But once I got pregnant I really wanted the same experience I had with my old DDC which I enjoyed so much, I thought I was strong enough and thought it would be fine.

Now I've been there 2 weeks I guess I feel maybe I am far to sensitive at this point and I'll probably make people dislike me because of it. I think it's important people be able to have and share their own opinions and be respected for them, but some hit a nerve that bring back memories of my son and some times I find myself saying not so pleasant things to my husband about what people are complaining about. Am I doomed to spend this entire pregnancy holding back these feelings? If so is it even worth being in a DDC at all?

Are there any ladies here who chose not to be part of a DDC at all?
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