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August 16th, 2008, 04:23 AM
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I'm so sorry about baby Sebastian. I thought I would have a hard time joining a ddc but joined the dec ddc right away. Then found out my dd would be Nov. I went over for an introduction but the club was already formed and I had a hard time fitting in (only my opinion) I then pretty much stayed away and only came here. You won't find any complaining about pregnancy here. I love every bit of this baby kicking me, even all night. I now post more in my ddc and feel more at ease with them. The ladies there are a great group and everyone gets along great!

I can really understand about wanting to say something to those who complain. In my eyes, you take it a day at a time and rejoice in the blessing that you are pregnant for each day because you don't know if it will end. I think they are just oblivious to that possibility. I know I was at one time and now I regret and feel bad for complaining. I didn't belong to this forum, but another that I no longer go to.

On JustMommies, I feel that the ladies here are so different, they are more caring and supportive. I haven't had a reason yet to reply to that I would be non supportive. I think for the ladies that complain, they just don't know and I think we have to be accepting of that. They don't have a reason to be worried and since I wouldn't wish a loss on my worst enemy, I have to be happy knowing that they can be oblivous to a loss and complain. I'd rather they complain than suffer a loss and worry like we do when pregnant again. I hope that makes sense.

I think you should do what makes you feel comfortable. No matter though, we would love to have you here! Sorry I missed you introduction and wanted to say congrats and welcome.

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