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August 18th, 2008, 12:04 PM
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Quote: are a one tough chick if you could bite your tongue...they would probably think I was a crazy woman because I wouldn't be able to handle people not acknowleding my first born...even if she was still born, she was born still...they saw her...she existed and they need to respect that...

I could understand if it was a stranger or someone who didn't know about Abby but c'mon...this is your mom...if I were you I'd sit her down and tell her if she doesn't want to acknowledge that Hannah is the 2nd child...then she just doesn't need to say anything about it...

But this is totally just my opinion and I can be a tad b#$%^y...but I don't like to see my friends hurting

My mom does talk about Abby though and she asks me how this pregnancy is different. I know she loves her very much and misses her too. Really my mom has been my shoulder to lean on over the past year, but sometimes she just doesn't know what to say. And to be honest I don't know that I would know what to say to someone that has been through this if I hadn't already been there myself.

Thanks everyone. I think I am going to talk to her now that things have cooled down. I think I can talk calmly now about it but I am sure the tears will still flow.
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