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August 20th, 2008, 05:09 AM
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Traditionally speaking, the definition is probably where there are children in a relationship that did not result from that relationship. On here, pretty much anything goes! lol If you're involved with someone, then yes you would be a blended family. Because your children are half brothers/sisters, I guess technically even if you aren't involved with someone your family could be considered blended. The concept of "yours, mine and ours" rules around here! In my family, my husband and I both have children from previous marriages but none of our own. (We figured 7 was enough!) Other families on here have children from one spouse but the other has none or is just expecting their first. In other families, each spouse has one or more and together they have one or more. It doesn't really matter how your family is blended (or even if it is)...we all face issues that we need to vent about or seek advice for or even just brag about! You're more than welcome to join us here and help us all figure out this stuff as we go along. I've found that with obvious exceptions, the issues we face are pretty much the same that non-blended families face...just that we usually have a few more adults stirring the pot than traditional families! I'm sure your children's fathers have caused some complications that are similar to what you'll read on this board and perhaps you'll be able to offer advice to someone who is going through a situation similar to something you have encountered.
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