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August 20th, 2008, 12:34 PM
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Nursery deffinately I will use that more for the next one. I just wanted to be with my son but didn't realize how much I REALLY needed the rest. I was completely crazy after a few days of being home and no sleep. Don't have to many visitors on the first day. I so wanted to stay awake and visit with family and friends. I really needed the sleep but am stubborn. The next one we won't have visitors on the first day. Only our parents. Plus on the last day or two I was super bored cause we didn't have many visitors. My favorite was the mens sweats from walmart with the elastic bottoms. I wore them for months after. Don't feel bad if you have to wear your maternity pants for a while after. Do what feels better to you. I just barely got into regular jeans at about 4 or 5 months. Like every one else get up and get moving. Take your pain meds. Some of my nurses made me request it and wouldn't just bring it in. Even if I told them to bring it in at the next due time. I will be getting one of those belly supports after my next one. They seemed like they would work well. Sorry this is so long. These are all just things I wish I would have known.
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