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August 20th, 2008, 01:46 PM
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What is "breastfeeding for less than good reasons"? IMO unless a woman is sexually abusing her children, there are no "less than good reasons" for breastfeeding....

...Also what is breastfeeding for "too long"?[/b]
Without going into much more detail, they are convinced she indeed sexually abused her children (and have no proof, unfortunately; she has been investigated, though, for other forms of abuse, as well). As far as breastfeeding exclusively for "too long," she would not let them eat solids until after at least a year of age; she breastfed her youngest until he was 5 at least, but most likely for longer. All of them are significantly malnourished, and the two younger ones have slight disabilities that could be related to not being fed enough as babies... She seems to have gotten worse (and more secretive) with subsequent children. She advocated breastfeeding for 24 straight hours (for what reason, I really have no idea) and tried to use LLL to justify her feeding methods. But she was bulemic and wasn't getting enough nutrition, herself... But when her doctor recommended she supplement with something else, after her babies started losing significant amounts of weight after 6 months, she refused.

I guess the big thing (besides their negative opinion of it after my uncle's wife and her issues) to my family is that none of them see it as "necessary." To them, formula is just as good. I really appreciate the advice and links. Like I said, I'm not going to defend myself, as it is indeed my choice, and if they've got enough of a problem with it that would keep them from seeing us, that's their problem. My husband is very supportive, fortunately, as is his family. So at least I've got some people who understand.

Thanks again!


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