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August 21st, 2008, 09:50 PM
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Hopefully you will be able to show them that healthy breastfeeding relationships do exist! It's a wonderful thing and some women do have big issues with it if they did not do it themselves, of "couldn't" do it themselves.

In addition to some reading, I suggest attending one or two LLL meetings before your baby arrives. That will expose you to some women nursing (something most people don't get to experience that often) and they can answer any questions you might have in person. And they can probably give you some great tips for dealing with your tough family.

It is really important that a new nursing mom have support, I'm glad to hear your husband is on board. The first few weeks are very emotional and tiring and if you have someone harassing you about nursing that sets you up for failure. I'm not sure if you feel comfortable telling your family that they cannot encourage you to give formula or make any negative remarks about nursing when they come to visit, or they will need to leave. Set it up beforehand so they know what the rules are. it may be challenging at first and you don't need any negativity.

best of luck to you!!
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