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August 25th, 2008, 08:56 AM
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we just got home.
i'm going to make this post brief and then i'll post the birth story with pics
later today after we've gotten settled in.

i don't know if the cranberry juice with lemon tea really worked or not--it
could be a coincidence.....

but friday, during the shower before my appointment, i felt a gush when i leaned
over to shave my legs--i wasn't sure if it was pee or not and i thought it
really was a big deal since i was going to the doctor's anyway.

so, they tested it and it was positive for amniotic fluid (there's actually a story
to this which i'll post in the birth story angry.gif )

they sent me to L&D. i was not having contractions so they started pitocin.
i got as far as 9cm and then contractions stopped and the baby was "getting
tired" so i had a c-section.

Raegan Sage Baker was born......i know Darci and/or Ang posted the stats for that--thank you both!

i tried to send Darci a text with all of the info and a picture of her a few
hours after the c-section, but for some stupid reason, my cell phone isn't
sending pics!! i'll have to deal with that later.

i do apologize that it didn't go through and everyone was worried.

i PROMISE there will be a detailed story with pics before the day is through!!!
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