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January 12th, 2006, 08:16 PM
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1-Picked up a baby and smelled their butt to see if they poo'ed?

2-Lied to a child at mealtime to get them to eat their food? (Ya know, you tell em the meatloaf is chicken and they LOVE yes, I added chocolate milk powder to vanilla pudding

3-Taken an *illegal* substance?

4-Played 5 finger discount?
yes, when I was about 8 yrs old. I took a toto dog from a dorethy dool at kmart

5-Called off work so you could go have some fun?

6-Made up a crazy story when you called off work?
yes, said I was having contractions

7-Had *relations* in a crazy place?
on top of a table at a restraunt after hrs.

8-Had a crush on a co-worker(or boss)?

9-Hid creditcard bills (or other bills) from your partner?
yes, phone bill. then his sister came over & told him to pay it !
lmao she worked for the phone company !!

10-Went out shopping and hid your purchases so you wouldn't get questioned?

11-Told your partner you were going somewhere when in fact you had other plans?

12-Used your pregnancy to take advantage of a situation?
oh yes ... I worked at a major retail store.
I got all the asst managers in trouble.
everynight I'd say I had cravings so they would "store use" ice cream, chips &
give us a roll of quarters for sodas at the nightly meetings.
The home office called the store manger
& asked what the $40 a night charges were.

13-Told your partner "Not tonight hun I have a headache"

14-Faked the big "O"

15.-Told off a telemarketer!! (lol)
YES !! I have phone rage !
I asked a woman if they paid her extra to be an annoying b***h
or did it come naturally !!! LMAO

have you ever

16 -glued yourself to something w/ superglue ?

17 -pretend to know someone you didn't reconginize when they knew you?

18 -break something while visting someone & hid it ?

19 - pass gas & blame the kids ?

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