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August 27th, 2008, 07:03 AM
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Jen, I'm not an expert by any means, and have found that my CM doesn't always fall easily into the normal categories. This cycle I'm having alot of the EWCM, which isn't typical and I can only assume it's from taking the Clomid. I've learned alot from the Fertility Friend website, and I've copied below what they have this to say regarding the types of cervical fluid. Here's the link as well, if you want to read the rest of Observing & Recording Your Fertility Signs.

"Below are the types of cervical fluid to record in Fertility Friend. Not everyone experiences every type of cervical fluid. Just record the types you do get. You may also have some cervical fluid that does not seem to "fit" perfectly into any category. In this case, record it in the most fertile category that best seems to fit. For example, if you notice in a day that you have cervical fluid that seems to fit somewhere in between creamy and eggwhite, record it as eggwhite. Likewise, if you get both creamy and eggwhite fluid in the same day, record eggwhite on your chart.

Dry: Record your cervical fluid as "dry" if you have no cervical fluid present at all; if you notice no cervical fluid in your underwear; and if the outside of your vagina feels dry. You can expect to see dry days both before ovulation after your period and after ovulation. Record "dry" if you are not able to gather or see any cervical fluid, even if your vagina feels slightly moist inside.

Sticky: Record your cervical fluid as "sticky" if it is glue-like, gummy, stiff or crumbly and if it breaks easily and quickly and if it is not easily stretched. It will probably be yellowish or white, but could also be cloudy/clear. You may or may not see some sticky cervical fluid before and after ovulation.

Creamy: Record your cervical fluid as "creamy" if it is like hand lotion, white or yellow or cloudy/clear, like milk or cream, mayonnaise or like a flour/water solution. It may stretch slightly but not very much and break easily.

Watery: Enter "watery" if your cervical fluid is clear and most resembles water. It may be stretchy also. This cervical fluid is considered fertile and this may be your most fertile cervical fluid or you may get it before you get eggwhite cervical fluid or you may not get this type of fluid at all.

Eggwhite: This is your most fertile cervical fluid. Record "eggwhite" if your cervical fluid looks at all like real eggwhite, is stretchy and clear, or clear tinged with white, or even clear tinged with pink. It also resembles semen (and has a lot of the same physical properties to allow the sperm to travel and be nourished). You should be able to stretch it between your thumb and index finger."

It sounds to me like you're getting the Watery CM which is good & fertile. Yay! (This is usually the most fertile type that I end up getting.) Have you been charting or keeping track of your cycles? Do you usually ovulate around the same time each month? I'd recommend you & SO get to BDing!!!

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