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August 29th, 2008, 01:34 PM
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RIGHT NOW I am and on


I called my OB/Gyn today... I have not gotten SA slip from my Ob/gyn... they said it was a mixup and told me they'd send it today PROMISE! Few weeks ago they sent me wrong slip it was infertility referral. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I asked them if I can use Quest lab instead of LabCorp. They said sure. So They gave me few numbers... after 3rd attempt, I got a right ph numbers to Baltimore Quest lab.. I asked them how much SA would cost....
Want to guess how much?????????????


That is CHEAPER than the was like $167!!! pffffffffffft!

As soooooooooooooon as I get the SA lab slip, I'm going to get DH's butt to the lab and get it over with!!!!!

Man I've waited WEEKS for this.... I plan on testing next wed to see if I get or first before I get the SA done, KWIM? This is working out PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully we won't need to do the SA but if I get a , then I'm on the next step to get our miracle baby!!!!

Age 36 with PCOS, poor ovarian reserve (.197), and blocked left fallopian tube.
We are TTC our 2nd blessing baby.
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