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August 29th, 2008, 06:11 PM
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Where are you and dh/so from? DH is from VT, I am from MA. We live in MA now

How old are you and dh/so? I am 29 and DH just turned 40 this week

Do you have any furbabies? 3 cats. 2 sisters we got as kittens from my mom, and a stray we adopted before last winter because it had been eating at the house everyday for months!

What do you and dh/so do for a living? I am an accountant, he is a SAS programmer

How long have you and your dh/so been ttc? We TTC for 3 months, got pregnant in June and m/c in August. Will be TTC again very soon.

Do you wish for a boy, girl , or doesn't matter? He would like a boy (somewhat for name sake), so I'll say I want that for him.

Does anyone know you and dh/so are ttc? Yes and no. We pretty much had told everyone we were pregnant, so they knew then. They probably don't know if we'll want to wait or not to TTC again.

What's your dream month to deliver? I'm not going to be picky, I just want to be pregnant! I loved being due in March though.

If you could go anywhere you wanted for a babymoon, where would it be and why? I loved Bermuda, but I also loved our all inclusive to St Lucia. Anywhere warm would be nice!


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