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August 29th, 2008, 07:33 PM
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Where are you and dh/so from?
- Both born in Saskatchewan, now reside in Alberta (Canada)

How old are you and dh/so?

- I'm 35, he's 36

Do you have any furbabies?
- 2 cats - Gary (9) and Junior (almost 4)

What do you and dh/so do for a living?
- We're both in Sales. I do business development for a recruiting firm. He sells software.

How long have you and your dh/so been ttc?
- NTNP since October 2006, BFP in March 2008, loss in April - in 4 cycle of actively TTC

Do you wish for a boy, girl , or doesn't matter?
- I want a girl, he wants a boy, but either would be fine.

Does anyone know you and dh/so are ttc?
- My JM sisters! I told a couple of friends who knew about my loss - but that's it.

What's your dream month to deliver?
- June - before the summer heat. Baby's b'day 6 months away from Xmas. I just like it.

If you could go anywhere you wanted for a babymoon, where would it be and why?
- Europe - France or the UK ideally!
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