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August 30th, 2008, 08:35 AM
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Okay, it appears I finally did O this week! Yay! FF has me Oing on CD20, but if I discard the temps of when I was sick & on Monday when I got very little sleep FF moves the O date to CD19 or CD21. So, I'm just leaving the CD20 as is since it's right in the middle and just assume that I O'd sometime between CD19 to CD21. I'm going to try to hold out on testing until Sept 9th which will make me anywhere between 13-15 DPO. I don't have much willpower, so we'll see when I actually do test. I also don't know how long my LP will be. Before Clomid it was consistently 11 days, which is a little on the short side but I also ended up only really dealing with a 1WW instead of a 2WW. My doctor said the Clomid should lengthen my LP by a few days, so we'll have to see. FF has my last cycle me having a 16 day LP but I had taken provera to bring on AF so I'm sure that is the reason.

As far as symptoms during this 2WW: My temp dropped slightly this morning, not alot and appears to be normal as I typically had a stairstep look to my previous charts once I O'd. I'm not having any IPS yet as it is much too early, but I'm sure they'll start appearing next week. (our minds do like to play tricks on us . . .)


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