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August 30th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Mrs. Kitty
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Your not OUT yet.
Remember this is your first clomid cycle so your body should be a little un predictable.
But your temps are still much higher than your normal post O temps.
And even if you are out this month you have your script you preped and ready to go!
So Chin up! Some people don't get BFP's till way late.
And even if this is not your month, you know that we are all here for you, to help support you no matter what.
I still am keeping a positive outlook that this is your month, but thats because I'm selfish and want you in my DDC.
If this isnt your month thats ok too, I'll still keep stalking you because I'm awesome like that.
And like everyone else says I'm only a PM away if you need to talk.

A BPN is like a stop sign, yeah you have to come to a halt. But remember its only for a brief time and then you continue on the rest of your journey.
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