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August 31st, 2008, 12:49 PM
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Hello Everyone --
I have been reading these boards for awhile now - and thought that I would "break down" and fill out the 4 line registation ! ; ) A little about myself - I am 24 , DH is 25 - we are trying to conceieve our first child. We are on month 4 now ! I know its not that long, but still frustering each month seeing AF. Owell. We are crossing our fingers for this month. We are on day 20 as of today- w/ a typical 27 day cycle. I was wondering if anyone who has concieved - or might know - this might be TMI - but, thats what these boards are for - OK - I usally get really sore "up top" - a like 10 or more days before my period - I am only 7 days away - and nothing !!! Not sore, not heavy.. nothing ! I was wondering if this was a good sign or no ??? I am very OCD about this - and I know that everyone says "just relax and it wil happen" -- Right.
Anway - sorry this was a little long - but I just wanted to introduce myself - and ask a little question. Hope everyone the best of luck this month !
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