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August 31st, 2008, 07:11 PM
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Thank you both for your input.

Dani, in response to your questions...

Is Alex's mother remarried or dating? She was dating a guy (the father of her youngest son [he is a month younger than Sam]) then he went to jail for a bit and they split up a few months after he got out. She moved back in with her mom and that is where Alex stays when he is there. She works most of the time he is there so he is with his aunt (she is 16 or 17) and his grandma/grandpa most of the time along with his little brother and sometimes she even goes out even though he is there. Now there is this new guy that is suppose to just be a friend of hers that she goes to play cards with every week with a few other people also.

Does she have a temper? She doesn't seem to have a temper but she smokes pot a lot and is high quite often when she would talk to him on the phone. Which is hardly ever now. So she is always like "Whatever" when she is confronted about things. Or she just gets super silent.

There other children in the home? She has a younger child who will be 2 at the end of September.

Like I said, this all pretty much came out of nowhere since he was there for 2 weeks back in July. I mean before he would decide he would rather go to grandpa's house (Jason's stepdad) instead and she wouldn't tell him not to. DH would make him go occassionally but he never called to ask to come home before until July.
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