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September 1st, 2008, 03:18 PM
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So today I thought it was my day off after 4 days of hard work and I got a call that I work today and I need to come in. I was really upset and my darling SO actually called and talked to her and so we went up there and he was with me and we talked to the manager who told me this (which is the one I also hate).

She basically said "because its a holiday you work today since your scheduled for it, because its a holiday work day it won't be on the regular schedule (***?), and you can ask for a day off." So I then asked when is the next day and she says its next tuesday. Well my freaking 2 week notice ends on friday!

I was crying and really upset and my bf was cursing and she told him to stop. So I just grabbed my keys, turned them into the other manager, and said "Here's my keys, I quit. I loved working with you all." and walked out.

On my way out they were saying bye to me and my boyfriend said "BYE! BYE! BYE you dyk* b***h"

I did not expect that to come out of my SO's mouth (even though i'm not homophobic I seriously thought she was a lesbian). Part of me feels relieved, but part of me is really nervous because I need to have a job.

anyways, just had to share lol.

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