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September 1st, 2008, 06:05 PM
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My LO has the allergy. It was discovered after birth when he continued to loose weight cause he was pooping it all out-like 15-18 a day. I cut all dairy out of my diet (amazing all the names milk hides under) and about a month ago (4 months old), he finally got clean stool samples (free of blood). It took forever for his colon to heal and get all the milk out of his system.[/b]
Good for you for sticking it out!!!! I'm on day 4 (or is it 5?) of dairy elimination, she's less fussy, and the diarrhea is gone, but now it's mucousy, so I'm now positive that it is, in fact, a dairy allergy. Hopefully it'll only take another week or so and she'll be completely back to normal again. *crosses fingers*
Crossing my fingers for you that things will clear up quickly. In our case, he seemed better (less gassy, less poops, rash better) but the mucousy poops lasted much longer. My pedi said it would take weeks for all the dairy to completely get out of his system. I have been dairy free for 4.5 months and its been hard but...I've adjusted and found so many yummy things I can eat (soy milk, soy ice cream, etc.). Good luck!

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