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September 4th, 2008, 09:57 AM
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Some people "get it" and some have "no clue"... I'll leave that comment as you take it.

ITA, what is your DSD doing out of bed at the time of night? My son has a strict bedtime & I am often reminded how he goes to bed around 9:30-10pm at his father's house. They justify it by "it's weekend" & my reasoning is that ROUTINE is crucial for kids. Sure...they shouldn't have to rush out of bed & get ready for school on a weekend, but bedtime, meals, naps & baths should stay just as is...the same & consistent. He'll see that once he has twins, kids thrive on routine, w/ out it, it's simply chaos.

As far as open house goes. Some parents don't feel it's a big deal and some do. Depending on the parent. Sometimes you have parents that can't go b/c of prior meetings that cannot be changed & then they just can't go (I've been one of those parents here & there)...but "if" I can make it, I am there. I need A LOT of notice w/ my situation & if they give me less than a week's notice, it's not gonna happen on my end. Too much already set in stone at my house routine wise & w/ my DH's job. I can't drag my babies out to do a 1 on 1 w/ a teacher either, that's rude & distracting so I always say "can we do a phone meeting?" and usually they comply & find that okay based on circumstances. It's difficult. In any event, if mother is just brushing this off & has no REAL reasons not to be there, then she does NOT get IT, KWIM? Some just don't, some do...

Thankfully, you are a positive role model in this child's life & that's what is most important. You can't get back these precious times, a child is only a child once, after that is all said & done, you can't get it back. Some times people don't get that, they just think it's all no big deal & then looking back realize how much they missed out on the small, yet important things to their child.

I get what you mean though.


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