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March 4th, 2005, 11:31 AM
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Don't worry Honey. I understand. I too have been going through the same thing. And I've had an ovarian cyst rupture as well! From what I have been told by the doctors - a woman gets a small cyst on one of her ovaries EVERY month - it's part of the ovulation process... every once in a while - they don't go away and just keep getting bigger (which is what happened to us) - but in my case... The cyst that didn't go away and eventually ruptured happened over 10 years ago. Haven't had one since.

So try not to be too concerned over the cyst. It's a common problem. Chances are you won't experience another one for quite a while if not ever again! Let's hope. As for the other... yeah, I know - it hurst so bad. I too am ttc my first and it's been over 8 years with no luck. And I wonder why. Why me? Why does everyone seem to get pg all around me with no problem what-so-ever... But I can't? When I want a child SO BAD!!!!

So, you are not alone. I'm right there with you. PM me if you ever need to talk. Just remember that I'm only on-line at work - so Monday-Friday (8-4).

***Baby Dust***
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