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January 16th, 2006, 10:13 AM
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I'm sorry you are feeling that way. Did you find out why it took so long to get pregnant? I doubt it was your age. Usually young people get pregnant easisly, it is us older folks (I'm almost 37) who take longer.[/b]
Nope, all testing showed no reason. And that's why it was so see others my age getting pg. on a whim, while I was stuck having to actually TRY.

We didn't tell anyone that we were TTC because we didn't want to deal with what you've had to and others' undoubtedly well-intentioned advice that would make us want to dig a nice, deep, comfy hole for them. We've not told anyone that we have been pregnant, and we won't tell anyone about this one for quite a while. Still, we'll surely have someone tell us that we're too young, too poor, not at the right time in our lives, etc. Those will be the people we don't spend much time around while we're getting through this.[/b]
Same here...we never told a soul. Yet we DID announce our first pregnancy, and that's when we heard the comments. So when we got pregnant the second time, we never told anyone, and we lost that one too. Sometimes I feel like I cheated that baby out of something by not ever telling anyone.
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