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September 5th, 2008, 10:35 AM
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Copied from there blogs....

Crystal (this was after I was already on a trib pump, procardia for contractions, had a emergent cerclage, GD... etc PTL didn't get me HELLP did go figure)

March 4th 2007

Today we took dad to Carmine’s for dinner for his birthday. We did a little shopping before hand for Sabrina and Chris. There is no point in me buying until I know what shape I will have after delivery. Sabrina I gained so much and lost 70lbs of that so far but this time I haven’t gained a lot but swelling (lately) and it may deposit it in new spots.

While we were shopping Chris got himself so new jeans and lots of shirts. I have to say I love the stuff he picked out but he was worried about $$. I tried to tell him, you rarely shop get over it and find some clothes LOL. Sabrina is set until summer, or at least I hope. I bought all 3T which is going to be huge in the waist but not in the legs, as she is 40inches tall almost.

Sabrina, Gram, Dad, Chris and I met at Carmine’s around 515pm. I ordered the spaghetti w/ a meatball, Dad got some fettuccini dinner, Chris had crab cakes and steak portabella I think, and I believe mom had chicken parmesan. Sabrina we just let her sample off all our plates. I figured ordering her pasta would be stupid since between mom dad and me we had plenty. After dinner Chris and I headed to Rite Aid, I was having headaches and wanted to test my blood pressure. Plus I needed to get Zantacs for my heartburn OH the heartburn. I found out that Zantacs is a category B and well I am going to try that now, since TUMS isn’t doing a thing for me. I took the BP at Rite Aid and it was 171/94 which is HIGH especially for me lately. I have been running so perfect this entire pregnancy. I only had issues with my pulse. I was running 101-121 with that and sometimes even higher. Hence, the cardiologists, because they thought it would lead to issue with my BP later on. Needless to say I have to call the OB in the morning to have them check me out on WHY my BP is soaring thru the roof.

Rest of the night we hung out on couch with our family and just talked. Sabrina went to bed around 9pm. Chris and me then watched TV and talked.

Today Sabrina and I woke up around 8:00am. Sabrina crawled into bed with my like normal to watch Mickey’s Clubhouse. I was laying there with a headache and just plan crappy feeling. My mom called and told me to call the OB and get back to her. So I called Dr. Hage and explained that I was told to call the OB because my BP was 171/94 and I just had the worse headache. They asked me to come in right away since I was 32w2d and they wanted to make sure all was ok.

I got to the doctors about 12 in the afternoon and they took my BP and urine. My pressure was 190/90. So higher and I had a lot of protein in my urine. Dr. Hage told me that he was admitting me for observation to see if they could get the BP down and if not from there we would talk.

I immediately went out and told mom that I was being admitted and headed to the hospital. I was checked in downstairs and sent to the Labor and Delivery floor. I was stripped of my clothes and given one of their sexy gowns and hooked to the monitors. Crystal was doing great holding right at 155 heart-rates and some minor contractions but nothing that hurt. My blood pressure was 190/90 when I was checked in again so I was told to lie on my left side and try to sleep. I got an IV and was started on fluids. After a few hours of monitoring my Bp was still running in the 170-190/90-100 so they started magnesium sulfate. Needless to say that SUCKED! Chris and I just talked about everything and we were praying that Crystal wasn’t coming. 32weeks 2 days is so early and I wasn’t in a hospital that is prepared for NICU children. Around 9pm Dr Hage came in and decided that we had to get Crystal out. He broke my water and was going to start the pitocin later in the evening hours. The magnesium sulfate was keeping the BP down but only in the 150’s and still 90-100. Around 2am my head started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t open them, I was literally dying. If I was on a higher floor I seriously would have jumped out the window head first to take the pain away, I hurt so badly. My BP was then skyrocketing to 200/100, 230’s/100’s etc. I asked for something for the pain for the headache. The Tylenol 3 wasn’t doing anything for the headache. The nurse finally got a hold of Dr. Hage again and was given permission to give me Nubian. I got one shot in the IV and 1 shot in my arm, which must have worked for a couple hours since I must have slept. When I woke up I was in pain again and more severe. I was contracting hard and my head was back to killing me. Mom and Chris were up and watching the monitors. I was asking about Crystal’s heart rate because I didn’t hear it and I was worried. They told me it was fine, when in reality it wasn’t. Crystal was now showing signs of stress. She was dropping her heart rate from 155 to the 60’s and then taking awhile for it to get up to 130’s again. I asked the nurse for an epidural; she informed me that I couldn’t have one with my BP being so high. I was pissed to say the least; I am like you really think my BP is going to come down when I am hurting. I told her I needed relief I couldn’t take the headache or contractions any longer. I was done, get her out or stop this. The pitocin was turned off at 6am and that didn’t do anything. They called Dr Burns who told them to prep me for an emergency C-section. I was transferred to a new bed and wheeled to the OR. A bunch of doctors and nurses stood around me explaining what they were doing, or going to do etc. I honestly don’t remember a thing they said. I was begging them to take Crystal and me to Children’s all night. I didn’t want to have her at NFMMC because of being on 32weeks 3days old. I wanted her at a NICU. They knocked me out and when I woke I was being tormented by a nurse who was massaging my stomach. Needless to say that hurt like a SOB and I was screaming at her, she told me she had to, I told her that I would have to punch her if she didn’t stop. I must have fell back to sleep. I was wheeled upstairs about 2 hours from start to finish. The worse, I did not know what was going on with Crystal, no one in the OR knew what was going on with her. My family and husband knew what was going on with Crystal but not with me. They wouldn't update because the last pressure was 347/252. They figured I had stroked since I was still alive much to there surprise.

Crystal was born at 8: 17am, weighing in at 5lbs 2oz and 19inches long. She was doing great they said. Breathing on her own, and just great especially for a 32w old baby. She was in a O2 tent when I was wheeled up the stairs and had a monitor on her so. I was still nervous because as you know things can change in a heartbeat. Crystal was brought into the room at 5-6pm for me to hold her and meet her. It was so great to hold and touch her and see her. She is so small. She has some hair and its dark brown like daddies.

Needless to say it was a rough 2 days I was just glad that things were over and seem to be ok. I am sore from the C-section but nothing I will die from. We are trying to breastfeed but she is latching well even with the shield. I asked for them to bring me a pump so that I could get to pumping so that I would have a supply when she did want to eat. Needless to say I am tired, sore and relieved and scared. Is it possible to be every emotion?

March 8th Release from NFMMC onto Children's HOSPITAL....
Things just didn't seem right with Crystal. I know she is only 2 days old but something wasnt' right. So I called the pediatrician and said that she was sleeping alot and not waking up for food or anything. He asked me to bring her to Children's hospital just to have her looked at.

We got there and signed in. Mom and I waited in the hallway so that Crystal wasn't in the room with all the sickies. Since she is only 4lb 3oz right now. About 15minutes we were called into the triage room and Crystal was being looked over. They did her BP which being so skinny it didn't register. Then they did her temp. First they thought the reading was inaccurate under the arm because so low (91) but anally it was the same as under the arm. Crystal was hypothermic even with a warm outfit on and blankets. So they wrapped her in heating blankets and admitted us right away. They tested her bilirubin and it was 21.6 which is to high for a infant of her size. They explained that was HIGH for a full term full size infant.

The ER doctor came in and explained what they were going to do. They stripped her naked and stuck her in a isolate that was set to the temp 98.6. She loved it the little beach bum. They came in and gave her IV fluids, took blood etc.. Mom and I had to leave the room while they did a lumbar puncture on her. I swear my poor sweetie. 2 days old and having all this done to her. The doctor came back with the swab for RSV. Since Crystal was sent home and exposed to "germs" of antoher hospital, she wasnt' allowed to be admitted to NICU. So she went in the step down unit. Which was nice, i guess, Chris and I got to room with her.

She is on phototherapy times two. Plus antibotics every 6 hours for one, 8 hours for the other and 12 hours for another. She is being given vitamins and now has thrush. So she gets that med 4 times a day. Poor kiddo can't win. She isn't pooping well so...

I am pumping and feeding her that way, so that I know what is going in and coming out. Plus its easier to track for the nurses. Crystal is eating but I wouldn't say great by any means. Maybe 7ounces all day. They say its normal. Its just scary.

Crystal has to remain in the hospital until her bilirubin is a normal number and she can maintain her own body temp, breath without o2. The IV antibotics will continue until release and cultures all come back negative.

(that was when mom got to see her the first time i was still in the OR)

The day we left hospital 1 to go to hospital 2 because hospital 1 was to STUPID to send here there earlier......
So on...... LOL

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