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September 5th, 2008, 06:26 PM
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Okay, it's on to 2nd round of clomid for me. My temps started dropping over the past few days (looking eerily similar to previous charts) so I expected and got AF on my doorstep this morning. (I'm going to try to chain her to my side these next few days so she'll leave the rest of you ladies alone, ok???) So, I contacted my doctor about the next cycle and had to go into the office today for another u/s. He found some cysts on my left ovary back in July and wanted to see the status before he'll prescribe another round of clomid. [What's strange about the u/s is that in July he could only see my left ovary, and today it was the same thing. He still isn't too concerned about it, but it makes me wonder. . . ] Anyway - the cycts were unchanged so he's increasing me from 50mg to 100mg and we'll see how next cycle goes. He will only do 3 cycles of clomid and if we're unsuccessful, he refers to a RE at that time as he feels that's all he can do for infertility.

With the RE, DH & I were talking about that today, and really hope these next 2 cycles are successful. If not, we're going to have to probably switch insurance companies and go to the plan that covers infertility costs 100%. I'll end up losing my doctor (who I thoroughly trust), but this current plan only covers 50%. So, everyone keep their fingers crossed for us that these next 2 cycles will work for us. I have open season in October to early November to sign up to switch the insurance plans which is effective January 1st. If we don't switch on open season, we have to wait until the next year (October/November) to switch again. The other plan is @ $500 more expensive per year for the premiums as well as office visits & prescriptions costing more but it's still less then us paying our current rates and 50% of some of these infertility costs. Today he had the office visit coded as annovulatory instead of infertility treatment. So the u/s cost me nothing and the clomid was $5.00. Last visit, I had to pay $90 and more for the clomid. I really hate the thought of switching plans and doctors, so hopefully we won't have to . . .

So, I'm trying to stay upbeat although I was a little down the past few days seeing the temp drop. I know my time will come!!!!

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