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September 6th, 2008, 03:14 PM
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Who do you look to for comfort (i.e., hugs, the right words, etc.)? Usually DH first. He is the only one I can ask for hugs or just to listen to me. My sister and mom are great but I never feel like I can say "hey I need to talk or I need a hug" I accept their support when they offer but I find it hard to ask for it. I think sometimes they don't know how sad I am because I don't tell them.

Do you have any favorite comfort foods? Uhh...yeah. The 20 pounds I put on in the past year prove it! Chocolate is the worst and DH and I can't go out to dinner anymore and not get either an appetizer (the greasier the better of course) or desert. I also get in the bad habit of stopping at fast food places for lunch when I am depressed.

When you're feeling down, do you prefer to be alone or with others (who?)? ALONE!!!! I just want to sit on my couch with my dogs and watch mindless TV all day and not think about reality.

Do you ever listen to music when you're sad? What kind? Any particular songs and/or artists? Not really unless I am in the car. I only listen to country so there are lots of songs that make me cry! It is therapeutic though.
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