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January 16th, 2006, 03:16 PM
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So glad everything is going well. I have so far been very vocal with what I want from my dr's and it has paid off big time! If you never ask, you will never get!

So far I have had 3 u/s, number 4 is next monday with the high risk types. (They want to check out the spine since I have found out that the man I believe to be my birth father has Spina Bifida in his family.) I am so hoping it is the 4-d u/s since I know they do those down there....

I am going in tomorrow for labwork. They are even running the chickenpox test on me since I honestly do not know if I ever had it. I am just wondering how long it will take for the results to come back...

But yeah, if you want something done, kick, scream, demand and cry if you must! These are our little ones and we have a right to be sure they are o.k.!

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