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January 16th, 2006, 03:43 PM
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Lol...Iamkc! As nice as that would be...

I met my bf not too long after my m/c. Took me 4 mos to even go on a date with him. But it was about 5 mos after that before I met his mom.

She is very controlling and always right. If everyone in the world would listen to her, the world would be perfect! (Note the sarcasm!)

About 2 years ago I was sent to Puerto Rico for my 2 weeks with my guard unit. My "Dad" (really my mom's dad, he adopted me when I was 4) had a heart attack while I was there and was in the hospital. (He was 93 years old at the time) I was placed on notification by the red cross. Basicly if things got any worse I was on the next flight out. They had him stabilized and I came back the day before Mothers Day, early in the evening. My BF picked me up, we went and got a gift and flowers for his mom, stopped by their house (with my luggage still in the truck, still in my uniform) dropped off her gift and went to the hospital to see my dad.

Wouldn't you know, she gave us both grief for a long time about this, because we were not with her for Mothers day! I have spent every, and I do mean every holiday with their family since I have met her. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, July 4th, even my birthday! (Oh wait, the 1st New Years eve we actually went to a party...)

*sigh* We were supposed to leave the house early tonight to stop byhis mom and dads, but I "forgot" to wake him up and am instead hanging out here! I will own up to this one with the bf when I wake him up, but I just don't feel like seeing her right now.


P.S. Dad is fine btw, but it was awful close for a while and he did not start improving until the day after I got there...the Drs even said they thought he was waiting for his cheerleader. He is now 95 and in a nursing home, but doing great and flirting with all of the nurses...they call him Hugh Heffner!
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