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September 8th, 2008, 03:45 AM
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DH and I were married in 1990. I always thought that I would be "fertile Myrtle" because my mother was. But, shortly after getting married, my cycles went crazy. I was diagnosed with PCOS, but back then all they'd do is try to regulate you with bc pills (made it worse for me), or provera (to induce cycles) or clomid (did nothing for me alone). They even had me on the shots once and I just started to get hyperstimulated so they stopped. So for 13 years, I was unable to even conceive.

In July of 2003, empowered with some knowledge about treating PCOS with Metformin, I went to an endocrinologist and had a 3 hour blood glucose test done (all other previous insulin tests had come back normal). It showed a slight abnormality, so the endo put m on 2000 mg. a day of Metformin, along with medicine for hypothyroid. Within 4-5 weeks, my cycles were NORMAL and I conceived after only 3 months. Except...I didn't know that I'd conceived. I was going to an older gyn. who didn't understand why my endo had put me on Metformin since I "didn't have diabetes".

When I started spotting before my cycle was due, he immediately recommended birth control for 2-3 months to "straighten me out". I didn't even think to test for pregnancy and I just took the pills. I started hemorraging almost immediately. I pestered his office for the next three weeks, growing weaker and weaker and getting more and more scared that I was dying. I kept getting the same response from the staff "the doctor says it WILL straighten you out. Keep taking them."

On November 26th, I started getting horrible abdomenal "cramping" (I didn't know I was in labor) and woke my dh up telling him that I might need to go to the ER. About 1/2 hour after that, I passed a huge fleshy mass/clot. I knew immediately that I had m/c'd. I ended up going to the ER from the hemorraging and had to have a d&c to stop the bleeding (it was then confirmed that I had indeed been pg.). The doctor apologized stating that his staff never told him how bad I was bleeding, only that I had some "breakthrough" blood. We named that baby Terry Bechor (not knowing the gender) which means "Tender First" or "Tender One".

I obviously switched doctors and found one that knew about the Metformin treatment for PCOS. We started trying in May and got pregnant immediately. I waited until cd 40 to test because I was so afraid to see a bfn after almost 14 years. I had the nurse visit and then on Monday, July 12th, I saw the ob. He told me to stop taking the Metformin because they didn't know the effects on a growing baby. So I did. Two days later, I was working in the church nursery when I started gushing. I got to the ER and they did an u/s. The u/s tech actually started crying when she found my baby (his heart beating away). She didn't think she'd even find a baby with as much blood as I was losing. I passed him about 45 minutes later (sometime around midnight). Even though I knew I had passed him, they made me stay in L&D all night, planning to do another u/s in the morning to make sure. I heard babies crying as they were first born all night long. I had a d&e the next morning to stop the bleeding and make sure that all "products of conception" were passed. That sweet baby we named after my husband and his father, Thomas Arthur.

I then read up on the web (reputable sources) that I should've stayed on the Metformin. I shared the info w/my doctor and he agreed. We started ttc two month later with a Clomid boost (cd 3-7 at 50 mg). I got pregnant and STAYED on the Metformin the whole pg. DD Sarah was born on June 24th, 2005.

Nine months passed and my cycles were coming back, but crazy. I had just weaned dd. I started charting because I wanted to know when I was ovulating (as we were going to start ttc when dd turned 1). I ended up with a crazy cycle ... spotting, heavy bleeding, spotting, etc. for about 9 days. I chalked it up to my cycles coming back until I got really nauseous. I took a pg, test and got a dark bfp. I went to the ER and it was confirmed that I was pg. (but I knew it wasn't good with the bleeding). Two days later, my hcg had dropped by over half. I never passed a clot with that pg. I must've been really early on. We named her Tabitha Zipporah. We knew it was a girl because (tmi coming) we dtd approximately 4 days prior to ovulation and boy spermies don't live that long. Tabitha (because of the woman in the Bible) and Zipporah (which means little bird) because she flew in and out of our lives before we even knew we were pg.

We started ttc again in June. Got pregnant pretty quickly. But u/s showed that our baby never developed beyond 7 weeks. I had the m/c naturally, at home at 10 1/2 weeks. We cremated Teddy in Tommy's baby blanket, sort of a memorial for all of our babies. Teddy is in a little box/urn on dh's bureau. He's the only one we were able to have cremated.

I finally went to an RE and had the whole gamut of testing done. It came back that I was positive for heterozygous MTHFR. But we moved and my next RE didn't believe in treating the blood clotting disorder, stating it "wasn't necessary". Needless to say, I had a d&c for my 5th m/c, "Taylor", in Feb. of 2007.

As a last ditch effort, I went to another RE for a final opinion. The first words out of their mouth were, "I've read through your medical history and can I just say how truly sorry I am for all you've been through." The next words were, "I think I have an answer for you." HOPE!!! What a wonderful thing!! She then said, "Why have you never been treated for the MTHFR? You should've been on ...... (all the things I had asked the previous RE about)" and then some.

With my new medicinal protocol (Heparin injections, baby aspirin, extra Folic acid, and Prednisone)..oh and Clomid for the LPD, I conceived my son Benjamin. My progesterone was extremely low during the Luteal phase (only 6!!!) so I ended up on progesterone shots as well. But my son is here and healthy.

It's been a long and difficult filled with pain, grief, and bittersweet joy. DH and I have been married for 18 years now. Who would've ever thought that a girl who thought she'd be a "fertile Myrtle" would have to go through this?


ETA: My story does not end there. In November of 2008, dh and I were trying to prevent pg. until he could have a vasectomy. Well, unbelievably, we fell pregnant. I started getting symptoms and tested a couple of days before cycle was due. I'm sure you can only imagine the scramble I did when it came back positive, to get on all of my blood thinners, progesterone shots and Prednisone.

Thankfully, my "sweet surprise" Catherine Anastasia, made it through and was born on June 3, 2009.
Married 8/11/90 ~ Terry Bechor m/c'd 11/26/03, Thomas A. III m/c'd 7/15/04,
Sarah E. born 6/24/05, Tabitha Zipporah m/c'd 4/?/06, Theodore David m/c'd 8/27/06,
Taylor Lynn m/c'd 2/07/07, Benjamin E. born 3/25/08, Catherine A. born 6/03/09

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