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September 9th, 2008, 08:55 AM
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WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! That's great news! So happy to hear that he's doing that & from the past of it all, it's best for everyone involved.

Now sometimes I don't always say "woo-hoo" to a man/woman wanting to give up their rights & allow someone else to adopt their child, but in cases like yours (and others on this board) ITA that it's the right thing & having both parties agree to this is fantastic. Sometimes it's just the way it is. Some people aren't meant to be an active role or parent, it takes a REAL person to be a parent, play an active roll in someone's life, and if they aren't making those efforts & not paying CS & making things miserable for everyone involved, especially the child, then it's right. Do I understand how ANYONE can turn their back on a child? No, I do not... I have a bio-dad whom I've never met, I've talk too him on the phone, have pix of him & 1 letter, other than that, nothing. He's nothing to me. In situations that people aren't committed to being a parent & the parent that has the child in their custody full time & they don't want the CS or the CS makes no sense or the other parent can't pay CS (for what ever excuse that may be on their behalf) I think it makes total sense & since Sadie has a person in her life (male role model) who loves & cares for her, then it's great. She can't lose. He is going to lose (bio-dad) & one day he'll realize what he missed out on & it will be his problem. Perhaps one day Sadie will come out & ask him why & once again, he'll have to answer to HER... his problem, and I can guarantee that no excuse is going to justify his behavior in her eyes. It wouldn't for me.

Less stress & less fights. I'm so happy this is working out for you!

Go celebrate....

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