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September 9th, 2008, 09:10 AM
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I am glad that you got the answer you wanted but I have to admit I am kind of saddened by it. Especially the "Sadie please remember "Iwill always love you!"" part I know that he hasn't been a father to her but it still makes me sad.[/b]

ITA that it's sad... I have 1 letter that I got from my "bio-dad" or "sperm-donor" (which ever you want to call it) & in the letter he said something to the effect of "you've gotten by w/ out me for ____ long & I am sure you want to keep it that way but there isn't a day that I don't think about you"....

Okay...sad...not sad in that I feel bad for the bio-dads that are jerks, sad in that they actually think that they are "men" for doing that or trying to say "oh, I think of you all the time" or "oh, not a day goes by that I don't think of you".... Sure "DAD"...if you think of me so often, where are the cards? where are the Christmas presents? Where are the calls? Where were you for my graduation? Where were you when you GRANDCHILDREN were born or I got married? They don't think of "us" often...they will never understand what it's like to be thrown to the side & unwanted & have them not care the way a REAL parent should. No child asks to be born & no child should have to tolerate that bull from anyone. That's bull, that's all I have to say. Sad, but not b/c I feel bad for that "man" or "sperm donor" but I feel badly that he's trying to make his daughter think that he had no choice but to do this & that if he could make it better he would. That's just trying to justify that choice, that behavior... Sorry.... the ONLY people I feel bad for is Becca for having to tolerate this for so long & that little girl for having hope that her bio-dad would be a REAL dad someday.

Sorry... this is hard for me, I was left for nothing by MY bio-dad & guess what? Got the same bull on the phone & in that 1 letter. I look back & laugh at him. I hope he rots in hell, if I saw him on the side of the road injured, I step over him. I have no thoughts of remorse for that. He has my 2 sisters, wont let them see me, I've never met them. He's done nothing but hurt me & my family. I only WISH I had someone like Kal in my life when I was a little girl to look up too and admire & have love me.


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