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September 9th, 2008, 01:35 PM
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I am the one that is going to sound heartless but I am not the least bit sad about it. He has done some really awful things in the last 2 years. From hurting her over and over again, when they did talk it was all about the son that he takes care of and not her and what is going on in her life and even telling her that he didn't like me and that is why he wanted nothing to do with her for 7 years.[/b]
I'm with you Becca!!!!!

What's more sad is Sadie & Lucy have had to deal with things that they should never have dealt with as children. What's sad is that their bio dads have never been their daddies. Thank God both of them have wonderful men in their lives that are willing to step up & be a Dad!

If that makes me a heartless b - then so be it. I never thought I'd end up on this road. But last year, I had to look into my five year olds eyes as she asked in tears "why can't I have a daddy like other kids?"

In 1 1/2 months, I will NEVER have to answer that question again. Because she will have a daddy like other kids.

Yay for Sadie too! I'm so happy for her!!!!

Just wanted to add:

The ONLY thing Lucy's bio dad has done right is to give up his parental rights. I gave him plenty of chances to step up & be a dad. I know his reason aren't altruistic (he doesn't want to pay child support ) but in the end he is doing the right thing.

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