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September 9th, 2008, 04:37 PM
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Sorry.... the ONLY people I feel bad for is Becca for having to tolerate this for so long & that little girl for having hope that her bio-dad would be a REAL dad someday.

I only WISH I had someone like Kal in my life when I was a little girl to look up too and admire & have love me.


Thanks for that! I knew that I had a keep when Kal came to live with us. Sadie was about 14 months old and we stayed up all night talking because it had been so long since we had seen eachother that it was nice. When we finally fell asleep it was so late and I over slept for work. I got Sadie up and put her on the bed and asked him if he could change her and put on her clothes so that I could get ready. He had no problem with that and then asked for wipes because she pooped! He was so wonderful and I really knew right there that he was going to be a great dad....didn't know that we would have a new baby 10 months later

This is the day of great news too. I got my sewing machine back...fixed, Kals test came back good, I got a refund from to pay for the repair on my machine, didn't have to pay the repair and then Kal got an offer for the job he applied for!!!!

Thank you ~* Helen *~ for the best all about me siggie! You are absolutely fabulous!
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