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January 17th, 2006, 12:35 PM
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Thanks so much ladies....I look forward to getting to know all of you!!! Lots of sticky dust to all!

Welcome! i am so happy to find another person joingin us on this board. your psot sounds liek I feel... so excited yet nervous at the same time! you came to right place! I am sorry to hear of your loss in June...i had a m/c in march and then m/c twins in may of last year...i knwo the word, "devestation' well...
I think my dd is 9/16! we are so close to one another! I have had my levels checked and so far so good but no u/s until 1/25. this is the longest week and 1 day of my life
I wish you a happy healthy 9 months! Let us know how your appt goes. i will be thinking fo you.
p.s I took 5 pg tests in 5 days...still a double pink line in all five! so you're not alone [/b]
Thanks so much Norina....It is sooo awesome that we are so close with our EDD...Hopefully we will get to that magical day!!!
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