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September 11th, 2008, 07:58 AM
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Hey ladies, I had pm'd Danielle to check in on her, I know we've all missed seeing her here. She mentioned about updating you all and I told her I would. Let's keep her and family in prayer and hope to see her back soon.

Things have been really crazy here because of all the hurricanes and everything...I've been lurking everyday just to keep up with everyone I just haven't quite found the time to post much...

And all kinds of stuff has happenend with me and the d&c...I had the d&c on 5 Aug...bled for a few days then it stopped...then I started my first post-op AF on 26 Aug of Monday I was still bleeding (2 whole weeks!!) I went to the docs and they started me on high dose BCPs...I have to take 3 for 3 days...2 for 3 days...then 1 for 3 days...hopefully by 18 Sep the bleeding will have stopped!

But because of the BCPs now DH and I have no idea when we will be able to TTC again...its so frusturating...but we are strong and we know our time will come eventually...

once again...thanks for checking on me and if you'd like to post an update on me for everyone I'd love you even more for it!!


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