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March 5th, 2005, 06:55 AM
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Hi all,
Some of you have been wondering about the gourmet popcorn, so here it is.

We pop and flavor about 15-20 flavors of popcorn. Flavors include, of course, cheesy and caramel. BUt also we have Ranch, Sour Cream and Chives, Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, Watermelon, Pina colada, Grape, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Cookies and Creme, Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruit Salad, Cajun, and a few others.

We had an article in the paper last week on a Wed and I was really impressed with the article, but couldn't have guessed what it was going to do to us!!
My husband called about 9:30am and said "You better get popping extra corn, every single stop I have made (Fed Ex Courier), people have commented about the article."
So we were busy on Weds, busier on Thursday, and then we got SLAMMED on Friday!! I couldn't BELIEVE the popcorn people were buying!! It was insane! We couldn't keep up popping and we have an industrial popper! People were taking the carmel out the door while it was still warm!
Saturday was the same. My poor husband didn't move from the popcorn area from Saturday 9am till 3PM on Monday and popped about 10-11 hours a day! LOL
Funny then!

So...that's the story of the popcorn. The other stuff is fun stuff too...fart machines, gag gifts, balloons, that sort of thing. I"m a certified balloon artist so I do a lot of decor jobs like weddings and businesses. I guess ladder climbing will be out for a while

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