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March 5th, 2005, 07:45 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I posted a similiar topic in a different category but this one seems more suitable and I am in desperate need of some advice as to what some of you make think.

A few nights ago I went to emerg because I wasn't feeling very well and the doctor ordered blood test... after waiting around for awhile he came back to me and told me that I was 99.9% positive for pregnancy and said that there was very much so a baby in my uterus.. he then said that he wanted me to come back the next morning for an ultrasound so they could confirm how old the baby was and if it was healthy.

So the next morning I go back for an ultrasound and what do you know but they tell me my uterus has nothing in it at all! The doctor that was on duty then told me that 1) I was either pregnant and miscarried and the hormones are still there or 2) I am just pregnant now and it's too early for an ultrasound to see anything.

I am praying that it's #2, I have to go back and get more blood test done to find out what is happening... but I would just like some imput to help ease my mind.

Maybe some of you have heard about this or has had it happen to you!

Someone please let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!'


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