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January 17th, 2006, 08:23 PM
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Have you ever......

1-Picked up a baby and smelled their butt to see if they poo'ed? Yes

2-Lied to a child at mealtime to get them to eat their food? (Ya know, you tell em the meatloaf is chicken and they LOVE No

3-Taken an *illegal* substance? No

4-Played 5 finger discount? yes

5-Called off work so you could go have some fun? yes

6-Made up a crazy story when you called off work? yes

7-Had *relations* in a crazy place? no

8-Had a crush on a co-worker(or boss)? YES!!!

9-Hid creditcard bills (or other bills) from your partner? yes

10-Went out shopping and hid your purchases so you wouldn't get questioned? yes

11-Told your partner you were going somewhere when in fact you had other plans? no

12-Used your pregnancy to take advantage of a situation? yes

13-Told your partner "Not tonight hun I have a headache" YES!!

14-Faked the big "O" yes

15.-Told off a telemarketer!! (lol) yes
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