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September 12th, 2008, 04:17 PM
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AHH So... I woke up early this morning to spotting! I FREAKED OUT! As this is how it started with my subchrionic hemmorhage with the baby I lost in May.. It started as spotting for almst 2 days, and then gushing blood... So.. anyway, I freaked right out! Went to ER, They did an internal and said there was no blood coming THRU my cervix (here comes the TMI) But my cervix was very red, inflamed, and had discharge on and around it.. which indicates an infection!??!?! I have NEVER in my life had a vaginal infection... I was perscribed a antibacterial cream to apply every night before bed for 7 nights... Has any one had this during pregnancy???? Did everything turn out okay?!?!?!

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