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September 13th, 2008, 07:56 AM
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I will be taking my last dose of the Clomid this evening, and then I wait to O. It shouldn't be that long, if I'm like I was on the previous Clomid cycle. On 50mg, I O'd on CD19. Let's see how long it'll take me on 100mg. I've been very lucky with side effects again, only a nagging headache. I'm thankful for that. Once I know that I've O'd, my doctor suggested I call his office and go ahead and schedule the u/s appointment (count ahead 12-13 days from O). That way if this cycle isn't successful, I already have the appointment scheduled. He won't prescribe additional dosages of Clomid unless he does an u/s each cycle. If we get the BFP, we can always change the appointment. If I wait until the cycle ends (which is what I did last time not knowing he wanted to do an u/s each cycle) the they have to try to be squeeze me in and I ended up being at the office for over 2 hours.

Now for this cycle, I'm considering doing the following:

OPKs - For this cycle, I haven't made up mine yet if I'm going to use them or not. I do have a couple tests at the house, and I may end up using them. If so, I'll start tomorrow on CD10.

BDing - DH & I are trying to BD every other day. Last cycle with me getting sick, and DH's job going crazy we weren't able to BD that much at all.

Exercising - I'm getting myself in gear and plan on getting on my treadmill every other day. I am not on any exercise restrictions other then to not start out doing 10 miles running the 1st time. I can work my way back into the routine, and my doctor really stresses walking. Besides needing to lose some pounds, and it's best for overall health to stay active, my doctor also said it could help me with getting pg and during pg. 1st - he said, it'll get the blood moving down there as I'm not sitting down all day and that "may" also help get the ovaries working. 2nd - this will be a huge benefit to me to continue once we are pg. So, my pact to myself is to get my butt in gear and exercise. Now I just have to stay motivated . . .

Come on everyone, I want to see some BFPs for all of us, let's stampede that June DDC!!!!


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