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January 18th, 2006, 02:56 AM
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May I ask why you've decided to ttc at an early age? No judgement, just wondering your thoughts?[/b]
Well ive always wanted to have children just not as young as 16, but the pregnancy was unplanned but when i did m/c it made me want children even more, I diddn't just try to get pregnant again so i said i will wait until i'm at least 17 and at least 9 months within the age 18, so if i do get pg i'm be 18 when baby comes coz i think it's a good age to start a family, my sister was 18 when she had her little girl, shes had a little girl since then and now shes married and got a baby boy on the way. Me and my partner both talk about it loads, he wants children sooner than that but ive told him he's got to wait until i'm ready. (My b/f is 21).

I'm not bothered about being married or anything, it's not a big deal to me or my family really.
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