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January 18th, 2006, 08:28 AM
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Even though the temptatin is there- I have banned myself from searching for medical answers on the internet!!!
When I first got my HCG tested this pg, I thought they sounded fine, but just in case I looked on line and found that they were fine, but almost not fine- a little on the lower end. So I freaked out til my next test when they came back fine again- even my dr reassured me, so I went home excited. I refused to look on the internet to see if these were still on the lower end, but since then a couple girls have posted their numbers on here asking if they are good and I noticed they were a lot higher than my numbers and so I am freaking out again! There was a heartbeat at my u/s... but I dont think I will rest assured until I have another appointment and see that the baby is infact growing. I wish I were stupid and didnt know what any of these things meant. With Ethan, I had no clue and that pregnancy was so easy! I do think it is better not knowing! [/b]
I think we shouldn't look up info because it won't really tell us anything one way or another. Everybody is different and every baby is different and this sounds bad but it is true that if the pregnancy is doomed to end from the beginning, it will end. I was someone who had excellent numbers, a strong healthy heartbeat, baby measured perfect and still I lost it. Meanwhile, all the girls who had numbers less than mine are still pregnant and doing great. You just never know. I urge you all to just relax, enjoy being pregnant... every second of it
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