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September 15th, 2008, 01:46 AM
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Emergen-C was a great drink that my midwife introduced to me while I was in labor to help me keep up my strength and hydration after throwing up. I have been buying and drinking it ever since!!

I also cleaned while in labor, it really was a good distraction.

Make sure to have extra batteries and an extra memory card for camera on hand and that your photographer knows where they are. I learned this the hard way. If your chilren are going to be there, taking photos is a great task for them. I taught my six year old son how to use the camcorder when I was in my final months of my last pregnancy. He did a great job. You would never know that a six year old did my birth video. I will have my seven year old dd take the photos this time and I will also find a task for my three year old. (Like refilling my water or something to help her to feel included.

Try to eat something light and healthy in the early stages of labor to help keep up your energy and make sure that you have healthy foods on hand to eat during and after labor. Watermelon sounds like a GREAT laboring food but I am sure that it won't be sold when I birth in February, lol.

If you want to make a tree of life stamp out of your placenta, have the acid free paper on hand. If you are planning on using paint, have that on hand too. My midwives did my stamps for me while the placenta was still out.[/b]
Whats a tree of life stamp and can you show us yours?
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