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September 15th, 2008, 06:09 AM
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I'm so glad that he is doing this. I don't understand it, but I am glad that he is anyway. I'll never understand how any parent can turn their back on their child but Lord knows it happens all the time.[/b]
That makes 2 of us.........

People are too quick to feel badly for absent parents. The only reason ANY parent should be absent from ANY child's life is due to illness, death, incarceration or military deployment, other than that, there is no reason, justification not to be in their lives. Pick up the phone, send them cards, write them letters (or in today's day & age, text message or email), take a summer road trip & be w/ them. There is no excuse. No job, no other thing in their lives should be THAT important that they are not in the picture. It's a reason to be irresponsible & not pay CS, that's all it is. It stinks b/c the only ones they hurt are the kids & they don't think of that.[/b]
My father even gave up his name claim on me........ Don't STILL know if i can laugh or cry about it. He was an irresponsible #### .....(forgive the language) but my mom was nonetheless a culprit for ASKING him to give up his rights on me and deciding to let her mom and dad raise me up. I can forgive neither.......and i am 34...........

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