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January 18th, 2006, 10:24 AM
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HA! You ladies are hilarious. I promise that I was doing research because I honestly thought everything sounded good. I was curious about the yolk sac because it was SOOOO perfect and round and is clearer than the fetus!!! It looked cool and I wanted to find pictures. After several articles, I kept seeing that it was bad. I know you all think I'm a lunatic, but I lost a pregnancy at about 21 1/2 weeks and all docs (from separate practices, different states!) have told me is, "It was probably a fluke." Of course, you don't take that as a good enough answer. There's ALWAYS an answer. So I started wondering if this was one of those flukes. I can't help it...sooo many pregnancies, no children to show for them.

I didn't mean to sound too desperate, either. I am really not THAT worried about it--I just want answers. If it's perfectly shaped, not overwhelmingly large, and the fetus is doing GREAT, then I'm comforted. The vanishing twin thing is more interesting than scary to me! I know how common it is AND that it runs in my family. I wasn't even that surprised. As for the gestational sac, I do believe her when she says that it just means that the little one has a big house. I've seen nothing that indicates a healthy fetus with a large ges. sac is in any trouble.

I'm really not that worried. Worried, yes...overwhelmingly so, no. Just as every mom-to-be is.

And something cute: DH gets up early every morning to go to work. I'm usually up before he is, but to stay out of his way, I go lie down or do a few things not in the area he's in. I just happened to look into the living room a few times and each time, saw him holding that u/s picture. He couldn't be's so cute.

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