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September 15th, 2008, 08:19 AM
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my daughter had a seizure due to a dtp shot when she was 6 months old. I didn't know much about vaccine risks at the time, but sure wish I would have. We didn't know the two could be related, we were told she seized due to being partially anemic (which she is not anemic by the way, she is 11 1/2 now). 8 months later our son, who was 12 weeks at the time, went in for routine vaccinations / well check. he got his dtp that day. Michael was running a slight fever, I asked the dr. if it was still ok for him to get shots, they said it was fine. His appointment was at 11:20 am, we probably left the office around 12:45 or so. My son died at 2:24 pm. His death is listed as SIDS. I have since started believing SIDS is a catch all phrase for many types of death in infants after meeting many MANY parents who have the same story relating to a DTP shot being administered within the 72 hours before their 3-4 month olds death.

we did vaccine our youngest daughter, who was born three years after Michaels death. She did not however get any until she was 5, zero, zip. We weren't able to get an exemption for her (unbelievable!) This baby we aren't sure if we are delaying until 4-5 years or just not doing seeing as we are homeschooling now and won't need them for school entry.[/b]
That really horrific and terrible! I would try and sue or get something out of that. When it comes to infants/children in America I'm learning that "doctors" aren't really best. The things they do drives me nuts!
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