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January 18th, 2006, 10:44 AM
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how old are you? and how far along are you?

Imagine what i went through, i had to tell my parents i was pregnant at 16!
I was about 4 weeks gone at the time.

As for friends judging you (if they end up doing so) , they have no right, if this is something you want to do then they are your consiquenses to face not theirs right? sometimes i don't get why people have to butt in and judge. I thought one of my friends would say 'your stupid' but she diddn't she was quite supportive.

Tell your parents in your own time, and don't let them talk you into anything you don't want to.


i don't think anyone under 18 is allowed to post anywhere about ttc, if so this really messes me up as i wont be able to talk about it when i'm 17 and want to ttc.
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