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January 18th, 2006, 11:24 AM
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Ah, i see...

I don't communicate much with my parents so it was really hard for me.

My sister told my mum first, my mum told my dad was actually calm but my mum was POSSESSED! lol! My dad told me to talk to my mum, no shouting no arguing, just talk it out. My mum never asked me to abort, but she did ask me weather i was going to keep the baby or not but After she was pretty supportive...

My next pregnancy i'm not going to tell many people b4 12 weeks, i'm just going to tell my mum and dad, and other close family...I know it's me who went through it but it dissapointed other people too, My boyfriends family were devistated. But after it had happened everyone was so supportive.

I hope you tell them and everything goes well...just remember your Mum and Dad think your still their little girl, but your obiously old enough to start your own family now...and old enough to do what you please
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